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Vision Statement

Healing Soul Portraits channeled by Una Jasmin White promote personal, spiritual and planetary transformation. They empower us to transmute any negativity, obstacles, or limitations hindering us from becoming our true Divine Selves, which I  simply  is LOVE.

A successful Healing Soul Portrait is a collaborative effort which allows us to recognize our individual talents, potential, and spiritual life’s purpose. Your portrait will express the brilliance of your inner light and beauty.

By raising awareness, personal and global consciousness through promoting creativity, the arts and spirituality, we are empowered to co create a renewed, wholesome, enlightened and loving Divine humanity.  A balanced and compassionate human society respects animals, Mother Nature and other life sharing this earth. Divine assignment and personal involvement is the collective destiny of the planet.

We are multidimensional beings.  Experience how Una's channeled Healing Soul Portraits activate your Divine DNA and unique gifts to realize your innermost visions and Divine assignment. The creative power of Healing Light allows individuals to release old karma, dissolve false illusions and navigate the waves of change with grace, balance, courage and clarity. By unifying the heart, mind and soul, an intuitively insightful and self-empowered divine human emerges. By converting sadness into joy, depression into creative action, and loneliness into oneness, troubles of the past can shift into opportunities for the future.

When sufficient numbers of individuals  realize and express the power of pure love, instead of the love of power,  and thereby awaken to Divine Self Realization, an evolutionary leap in planetary consciousness emerges that can ultimately lead to peace within us and peace on earth.

Traveling internationally, Una continues  to share her work worldwide facilitating full creative, personal and spiritual expression of body/mind/soul inspiring the evolution of a loving Divine humanity..

Healing Soul Portraits are offered to individuals from this and the other side. Loving Couple, Family Soul Portraits, Soothing Soul Portraits of departed loved ones or any one important for you,  and endearing Soul Portraits of pets are available either in person or via the internet.

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Contact Una Jasmin White for your Portrait today.

Telephone:  (650)346-7571

Contact Una Jasmin White for your Portrait today.

Telephone:  (650)346-7571










"There are few in this world that can share this unique gift with you. You are cordially invited to experience this phenomenal work for yourself: Join thousands of people, having experienced miracles in their personal, spiritual, professional and love life by actualizing their unrealized talents, wisdom, wholeness and fulfillment.

Una’s Transpersonal Art therapy is transformational, inspirational, uplifting, enlightening and healing. See for yourself, what makes this woman so phenomenal:. . Experience Una"

- Quote by L., Honolulu

Una is available to create aura portraits, healing soul portraits for individuals, couples, families, pets, departed loved ones, in person or via internet. And special paintings for corporations to support their vision statement.

Also: Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions, workshops, healings, Reiki initiations, readings, counseling for individuals and couples, in person or via internet.

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