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"I have digestive disorders, inflammation and pain in my stomach area. Una has worked on me for two days now and her "hands of light' have brought relaxation, calmness and much needed healing and peace in body. She ails offers a guided meditation in her session that opens the door for incredible Spiritual energy to flow through for transformation and restoration.

I highly recommend her as energy healer and also an energy connector.

Sky Masters
San Diego, CA
April 2013

"Una's portrait called the "Happy Portal" was a Divine gift during a time of grief for me.  It washed away my sadness with vibrant colors of the rainbow in a spiral upward flow towards the positive aspects of my being and also healing of my inner child.

I am so grateful to have this incredible visual and spiritual reminder of who I am and where I am going.  I believe we are much greater than the sum of our parts.  Una's healing Soul Portraits has been a gateway and a portal to my greater Self with all the guidance and inspiration from supportive beings on the other side that I call my T.A.G. team (Teachers, Angels and Guides).

I recommend Una's work that is a catalyst of inspiration and guidance for many years."

Dec. 2012

Scott Masters
San Diego, Ca.

"I am amazed to see my past, present, future revealed in the reflection of my eyes and spirit. You are a true blessing, Una. YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD ONE SOUL AT A TIME. I love you." 

- Jade,  Entertainment Business Projects, Honolulu, Hawaii

"What a beautiful portrait. You have such a gorgeous talent. God has truly blessed you. You radiate the love you give to others, thank you."

- Maxine, healer, Los Angeles, CA.

"I am speechless and very touched  by  the power of my portrait capturing my Divine soul's purpose"

- Lily, Long Island, New York

"The soul is more important than the physical image. Its wonderful to know visually who you are , what you mission in life is,  your strength and that my deceased mother is with me., The colors of the portrait remind and enable me to succeed my cause. (I can do it)."

- Carolyn, teacher and writer, Kona, Hawaii.

"You enhanced my confidence and encourage me to follow my heart."

- "Little Flame", Honolulu.

"Thank you for a wonderful time and the portrait. I learned so much from you. Now I am free from the past and can fly .I won't forget that I 'am here to give hope to people . I'll learn to play too."

- Mariko, writer, producer, Tokyo, Japan.

"I feel like a beautiful queen with magical powers. I feel empowered. My experience has been healing and enlightening. Aloha."

Kawena, Honolulu. Hawaii

"Very gentle and powerful. Looking at this drawing describes what I want my life to be totally: happy, joyous, and holding steadfast  to my faith, in the almighty , heavenly father. This is the best I have ever seen myself."

- Mattie, flight attendant. Honolulu, Hawaii

"At peace, calm, feeling support from the angels, I feel open hearted, and optimistic about the future."

- Lori. Editor Hawaii Wellness, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I am very grateful for letting me see the me that I am. I would see pieces here and there and now I am able to see who I am as a whole person. This understanding answers questions that I have had unanswered for all so long."

- Nick, businessman, Long Island, N.Y.

"I now know I am a cosmic being connected to all that is. Thank you, Una."

- Raia, psychic  healer, Long Island, N.Y.

"Love is that which moulds into what we are  meant to become. In Love we are all one. I experience myself in my soul portrait as the tender celestial poet, pure, timeless,  crystal clear, transparent to inspiration and wisdom  from celestial Masters. Like a bird, I am free and boundless, I and the sky are endless with possibility.. "

- Darrell, meditation teacher, poet, photographer,  owner of a retreat in Waialua,  Hawaii.

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. Your  connections resonate with what I know about myself. I feel the beauty, honesty and love in your work. Keep sharing your cosmic energy and light. Blessings, peace and love."

- Om Shanti M.D. International Creative Psychotherapy Assn.) Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Thank you so much , Una for your special gift of connectedness to the spirit through your intuitive portrait. You have been able to capture the message of the spirit, as though looking through the window of the other dimensions of my universal journey - as a spirit -soul  having a human experience, in my own universal perspective, this is definitively a positive affirmation, and will serve as a guiding light in my search for the purpose in this incarnation and beyond." 

- Oom Veda. Makapuu beach. musician and  inspirational teacher of the Vedic traditions, Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Thank you for showing me my beautiful Self and helping me to see the beautiful spirits around me. You have given me a gift of pride that I have searched many years to find. May Ochun's love surround you with warmth and prosperity as she supports me  in my picture. Love, peace."

- Tom. Photographer and high priest in the Orisha tradition, Marina Del Ray, CA.  

"Thank you for this glorious reading and majestic portrait. To have my father come to me with so much love has brought me peace and happiness after so many years of longing to know him and what he was truly like. The great beings shine with so much glory. They are where I dwell creatively. Thank you."

- Anne, spiritual teacher and healer,  New York.

"This beautiful portrait brings inspiration and energy. Its a creation from the spiritual world , from which my parents are communicating with me .  Your inspiration brings  light. into my feelings. Thank you for your spiritual gift."

-  Val flight attendant, Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Tears came to my eyes as  I saw the finished portrait of my dog. It  really touched  my heart as I looked at my beloved dog and saw her soul, her spirit, her being. Una captured her being in a painting that I will cherish for the rest  of my life and long after my dog has passed on. I will have this incredible portrait to always remember her."

-Pascal,  owner Mystic Crystal Store, Long Beach, Long Island, N.Y. 

Mahalo for a  wonderful encounter, for our "Flight of Love on Spirit Wings". Very spiritual, peaceful, a special bonding ofour Love and together ness. A very luminous, delightful couple soul portrait, called  "The vibration of the Power of Love". "

- James and Joan, Honolulu, Hawaii.


You are cordially invited to join  all the people having experienced miracles in their professional, personal, spiritual and love life by actualizing their innermost talents to achieving genuine self love, wisdom, wholeness, fulfillment in all areas of their life.

Una is available to create aura portraits, healing soul portraits for individuals, couples,  families, pets, departed loved ones, in person or via internet. And special paintings for corporations to support their vision statement.  Also: Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions, workshops, healings, Reiki initiations,  readings, counseling  for individuals and couples,

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  UNA WHITE, M.F.A., PH.D.,  an internationally renowned  artistic medium, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Relationship Facilitator, Lecturer and Reiki Master/Teacher for more than 25 years  http://www.unaarthealinglight.com
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"There are few in this world that can share this unique gift with you. You are cordially invited to experience this phenomenal work for yourself: Join thousands of people, having experienced miracles in their personal, spiritual, professional and love life by actualizing their unrealized talents, wisdom, wholeness and fulfillment.

Una’s Transpersonal Art therapy is transformational, inspirational, uplifting, enlightening and healing. See for yourself, what makes this woman so phenomenal:. . Experience Una"

- Quote by L., Honolulu

Una is available to create aura portraits, healing soul portraits for individuals, couples, families, pets, departed loved ones, in person or via internet. And special paintings for corporations to support their vision statement.

Also: Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions, workshops, healings, Reiki initiations, readings, counseling for individuals and couples, in person or via internet.

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