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• Golden Heart Alchemy

A spiritual Emporium for Visionary Books, Tools, and Gifts for Awakening and Activating the Heart


• Bruce W. Nickerson, Attorney at Law

Attorney Bruce Nickerson has handled over one thousand cases throughout California from the Municipal Court level to the California Supreme Court


• Lightparty.com & artainment.com

Artainment is new art form which is both evolutionary and revolutionary in that it serves to actualize human potential through the masterful synergy and synchronization of sacred mandalic art, sacred geometries, exquisite natural imagery and beautiful music...Artainment elicits a powerful emotional, transpersonal, and transcendental experience which demonstrably and consistently "Inspires, Delights, Heals And Enlightens".


• Spiritualimageproductions.com

Spiritual Image Productions & Andrew Aloha dedicate this site and services to:

Shri Satya Sai Baba, Maitreya Budda, Jesus, Sananda, the Virgin Mary who was the Madonna, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, Buddha, Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, El Morya, Mother Gia, Ganesha, Mahatma, Ammachi, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali and the Divine Mother of the Universe, The Divine Father of the Universe. As well as all Wesak participants, Meditation groups, Ashramites, the Masters of Wisdom of the Spiritual Heirarchy, the Great White Lodge, the Great White Brotherhood, The Lord of Hosts, The Spirit of Peace & Equalibrium, The Spirit of Grace, the Great White Sisterhood, Sanat Kumara, Helios, Adonis, Atlantis, Venus, Melchoir, Melchizidek, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Gabriel, Arch Angel Raphiel, Arch Angel Metatron, all of the Elohim, all of the Elementals, God the Father and God the Mother. Additionally, we dedicate this site and all our services to all of our Family, Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Extensions, Aspects, Ancestors, and Tribes in Christ. As well as to all Angels, Beings, Guides and Entities of Light and/or Love; and all those dedicated and committed to spreading Light and/or Love to all the beings in all the worlds. May you all be blessed and happy! Have a God/dess life!

• Planetviews.com

Director, producer Michael Bailey is a noted conservationist and adventure program producer who places a high degree of emphasis on action. As a key aspect of this, he periodically conducts research and analysis of diverse situations involving environmental issues and humanity as a whole.


• kianamusic.com

Singer, Songwrtiter, Performing Artist

Divine Science Community Center 1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, California

Our Vision - We are a light unto the world for individual and global peace, spiritual understanding and abundant life.



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Developing, Designing and Managing Websites across the nation at an affordable price























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"There are few in this world that can share this unique gift with you. You are cordially invited to experience this phenomenal work for yourself: Join thousands of people, having experienced miracles in their personal, spiritual, professional and love life by actualizing their unrealized talents, wisdom, wholeness and fulfillment.

Una’s Transpersonal Art therapy is transformational, inspirational, uplifting, enlightening and healing. See for yourself, what makes this woman so phenomenal:. . Experience Una"

- Quote by L., Honolulu

Una is available to create aura portraits, healing soul portraits for individuals, couples, families, pets, departed loved ones, in person or via internet. And special paintings for corporations to support their vision statement.

Also: Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions, workshops, healings, Reiki initiations, readings, counseling for individuals and couples, in person or via internet.

Book your special event with Una: birthdays, weddings, corporate events!