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UNA WHITE, M.F.A., PH.D.,  an internationally renowned  artistic medium, Transpersonal Art Therapist , relationship facilitator, lecturer and Reiki master/teacher for more than 25 years  .www.unaarthealinglight.com, una_art@yahoo.com 650 346 7571, 808 250 3716


There are few in this world that can share this unique gift with you. You are cordially invited to experience this phenomenal work for yourself:   Join thousands of people, having experienced miracles in their personal,  spiritual, professional and love life by actualizing  their  unrealized talents, wisdom, wholeness  and fulfillment.

Una’s Transpersonal Art therapy is transformational, inspirational, uplifting, enlightening and healing. See for yourself, what   makes this woman so phenomenal:. . Experience Una


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Una is available to create aura portraits, healing soul portraits for individuals, couples,  families, pets, departed loved ones, in person or via internet. And special paintings for corporations to support their vision statement. 


Also: Transpersonal Art Therapy sessions, workshops, healings, Reiki initiations,  readings, counseling  for individuals and couples, in person or via internet.


Book your special event with Una:  birthdays, weddings, corporate events.